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What is a Private Investigator and what do they do? A private investigator, an investigator, or a private detective is someone who can be hired by individuals, law firms or businesses to undertake different investigative services. Our Jacksonville Private investigators specialize in a number of different areas of investigation, including the following: corporate investigations, missing persons, insurance claims, corporate frauds, insurance matters, sex crimes defense, criminal defense, missing children, cheating spouses, divorces and more. Most private investigators are ex-military or retired police investigators like us. These types of investigators have experience working in the military or in law enforcement settings and have gained considerable knowledge about the legalities involved in conducting investigative activities. Most private investigators specialize in one or a few areas of expertise, depending on their background and experience level. One of the specialties of our Private Investigators in Jacksonville is Digital Forensics.

General Investigations is a primary specialty of many private investigators. They are skilled at conducting discreet surveillance, which involves the use of confidential means to acquire and assess information that will assist in resolving a case. Generally, investigators’ duties consist of the investigation and evaluation of any related issues, which may involve one or more private parties, law enforcement officials, businesses, or civic organizations.

The investigation field is also very diverse. Private investigators specialize in a wide range of different surveillance techniques, D including GPS surveillance, cell site surveillance, computer surveillance, and oral and written examinations. Many investigators specialize in either criminal defense, civil investigations, corporate security, and the commercial and financial sectors. They are often the most resourceful, fastest working, and trustworthy surveillance operatives.

Another secondary specialty of investigators is accident reconstruction. Accident reconstruction involves the investigation and reconstruction of serious personal injury or death accidents that have occurred. The goal of accident reconstruction is to determine if the cause of the accident was due to negligence on behalf of the person or company that was involved, either grossly negligent or merely negligent.

One other common specialty of investigators is insurance fraud investigations. Insurance fraud investigations commonly target individuals who intentionally inflict personal harm upon others in order to reap profit from that injury. Usually, insurance fraud involves false claims that result in the covering or payment of fraudulent charges. Other insurance fraud investigations focus on the concealment of evidence or tampering with evidence. A typical insurance fraud investigator is highly skilled in the detection of fraudulent activity and is often the only real witness against the suspect.

In today’s society, most people engage in some type of insurance fraud. Insurance fraud investigations require an in depth knowledge of various insurance laws, the rules and regulations of various states, and the procedures typically used by insurance companies to settle claims. Our Jacksonville Private investigators specialize in uncovering insurance fraud, to either bring the perpetrators to justice, or prevent another fraudster crime from occurring. If you suspect that someone you know is engaging in insurance fraud, contact an experienced investigator immediately.

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