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Most Jacksonville criminal defense investigators will often consult with your attorney and, conduct their own investigations on behalf of an arrested or charged individual. As an investigator, you will seek out inconsistencies and discrepancies in reports, the best professional will look over each report with a critical eye, to identify errors and then you can use that information to develop a strong defense. The following are some of the primary duties of a criminal defense investigator and a Jacksonville Private Investigator.

Background Investigation: Along with interviewing witnesses, you will also need to conduct your own background investigation. As a criminal defense investigator, you will review the police report and interview any witnesses, who have direct knowledge of the crime, who were interviewed prior to your client’s arrest. In addition to interviewing any witnesses, you will also review any criminal background reports that may have been created by the arresting officer. You will examine the records, find any inconsistencies in the information, and then present this information to your client.

Gathering Evidence: One of the most basic purposes of a criminal defense investigator is to gather evidence against your client. To gather evidence, you must interview any witnesses, gather any paperwork such as the police report, and follow any procedures set forth by law. Additionally, you will need to do your own detective work, such as investigating forensics to learn how the crime was committed, collecting any forensic evidence, speaking with the authorities, and checking any records and files at the courthouse. You will also need to follow up any interviews conducted with any potential witnesses, compile any information, and follow any leads that come your way.

Gathering Evidence: The physical evidence you gather will be your best-case scenario. You will interview any witnesses, gather any paperwork, investigate any crimes that may have occurred, visit the crime scene, photograph the crime scene, and collect any forensic evidence such as surveillance video, blood or fibers that could have been missed. In addition to the physical evidence, you will also need to interview any possible co-conspirants. This step is important if you want to prove that the defendant in the case actually committed the crime. You will have to speak with anyone who may have witnessed the crime, or who may have been in the area at the time of the crime.

Private Investigators and Your Criminal Defense Lawyers will work together to identify what needs to be done in your case. It is best to hire a private investigator to assist your lawyer and add them to your defense team. Private detectives will use their training and experience to help you build a strong defense case against you. Additionally, most investigators work independently, which means that they do not necessarily work for your lawyer. This means you will not have to worry about conflicts of interest. However, many private detectives are extremely good at what they do and are able to present a strong case for you.

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