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The Jacksonville area has an abundance of resources when it comes to cell phone forensic investigation. A number of local and private businesses offer their services to the public to conduct a cell phone forensic investigation. These professionals will analyze any incoming or outgoing text, multimedia messages, emails or other types of data that is sent or received on a cellular phone. They will also examine digital voice, internet protocol (IP) data, pager activity, deleted text messages, caller ID, call log records, call details and many other related items. The information they collect can be used in a wide variety of legal situations including identity theft, telemarketing calls, insurance fraud, and many other civil and criminal litigation matters.

Jacksonville Cell Phone Forensics

A Mobile Phone Forensic Analyst will often interview the target individual, collect data from various communication media including cell phones, pagers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), smart phones, business phones and other wireless devices. Once the reports from the interviews have been analyzed, the professional will compile a report. From this report the investigators will attempt to determine the identity, gender and age of the target. They may verify addresses, and attempt to obtain credit card information if necessary.

Another method that the professional uses is what is called “cosmo tracking”. This process requires taking a look at the SIM card or microprocessor of the mobile device. Once this device has been reset (typically with the aid of a SIM card reader), the amateur investigator can take a look at any deleted SMS, MMS and email data that was removed from the memory. This information is particularly useful in determining a long lost friend or lover.

Computer forensics professionals are also on hand in the Jacksonville area. Computer forensics specialists are involved in the retrieval of digital data from computers and other electronic devices. They can recover deleted data from a PDA, notebook, iPhone or other mobile device. They can also recover data from other digital media such as hard drives. They use special software to identify each file that has been deleted and to determine whether the associated files have been overwritten. In many cases, these experts can also reconstruct a mobile device based on certain patterns of communication.

The telephone forensic services offered by several companies in the Jacksonville area include phone trace, recover deleted text messages and access records. Other types of computer forensic work that might be done by a forensic expert includes recovery of digital information from a computer hard drive, e-mail account, USB drive or other digital media device. In some cases, expert witness services might be provided.

A private investigator in Jacksonville is just one part of a national network of mobile device forensic specialists. These experts are available nationwide. Some of them are forensic scientists, while others are computer investigators. There are many private detectives and computer investigators available in all areas of the United States. A variety of different services are available to meet the needs of any individual or law firm.

Computer forensics professionals have a very important task to perform. The work they do involves gathering and organizing information to be able to present it in court. Evidence of a computer crime is very overwhelming. A Jacksonville cell phone forensic specialist is often needed in order to analyze the evidence and to explain to a judge the methods used in their investigation.

Computers have increased in importance since the advent of the internet. It is no longer necessary for a person to store data on paper in order to keep track of it. These days’ people store all of their information online. Mobile data recovery services are available to help those who store information online.