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Surveillance Investigators

What Can Surveillance Investigators Do for Me?

Surveillance Investigators is the people who “surveil” on people for a living. Some people have seen them as nothing more than criminals trying to make a name for themselves, while others view them as highly trained professionals helping to ferret out criminal activity. Either way, you can bet that there is always a place for these folks in today’s legal and security world.

Most of us think of a private detective when we hear the words Surveillance Investigators. The truth is, though, they do many types of investigations. They work with Internal Revenue Service agents, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other local and state government agencies. Some of these agencies even hire them directly, while others contract out their work to private surveillance companies. In fact, they are not limited to working for just one entity.

They have been hired by companies to track down errant employees who take extra time off from work. Others have been hired by banks and mortgage companies to investigate home loan frauds. Still others have been employed by utility companies to keep an eye on employees who are way out of service with their electric bills. And, of course, there are private investigators performing background investigations on people who wish to rent an apartment or house.

Surveillance Officers, then, do their jobs with professionalism. They are very observant and thorough. They have an uncanny ability to detect lies and frequently call it in with no questions asked. Their observations can be very detailed, and they are trained to spot everything from false alarms on cellular phones to fraudulent prescriptions filled at the local pharmacy.

As mentioned, they are extremely well trained in surveillance techniques. This means that they can listen in on conversations between suspected criminals and accomplices. They can monitor computer activities. They can record images of suspicious activity. And, of course, they can question witnesses.

If you hire a Professional Surveillance Investigator, he or she will be assigned to your case. You will meet with them, describe your situation and agree on a plan of action. The plan will then be put into action. Most investigators provide you with a written summary of their findings once the case has been completed. In addition, they will often supply you with copies of any recordings they made in your case.

How do you find a Professional Surveillance Investigator? Start with the phone book. Call the companies listed and ask about their investigators. Most companies will be more than happy to tell you how well they perform and if they have satisfied clients. If you are hiring a privately-employed Surveillance Investigator, find out if that is also the case. Some Private Investigators operate independently, while others are contracted through a government agency.

As you can see, Professional Surveillance Investigators is everywhere. Be careful, though. Just because they are a ‘Detective,’ they may not be the safest detective you’ve ever met. Protect yourself, and follow your intuition.

When surveillance is performed, video and/or audio are gathered and sent to a recording studio. From there, they will review the evidence, make a report and/or create a surveillance report. This report will then be given to you. It will detail the surveillance that occurred and the results of it.

Are there limitations in regards to what is documented and/or recorded? Yes, there are. If you think you may need to consult a lawyer, he or she will be happy to let you know. In some states, there are laws that protect your rights. Others do not. Check with your local attorney to ensure you fully understand your rights.

When do investigations take place? They take place at various times of day and night. There may be a lot of activity going on while you are away from home. For example, if you were at work and went to a movie, your babysitter might be using the Internet to contact someone your kids might be interested in.

How do I get more information about my case? You can contact your surveillance firm or private detective. They will be happy to provide you with as much details as possible about your case. You should never have to pay for this information. It is available for free.