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The Computer Forensics and Digital Forensics career are growing rapidly in popularity among both private firms and the government. As the Internet becomes more widely used, computer crimes are becoming increasingly difficult to detect. Computer forensics professionals perform investigations that trace digital data that may be corrupted or missing, leading to criminal charges and possible jail time. These investigations can be performed on a local, state, or federal level. As more industries rely on computers for day-to-day operations, fraud investigations that trace deleted emails or documents have become common. This career can help you work for yourself, working for an agency or performing independent work for a private firm.

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If you’re interested in the private investigation field, you’ll find there is quite a bit of competition. In particular, you’ll be working for the government. Government agencies are highly motivated to solve public safety issues, which often include terrorist activities and criminal activity. Private investigators work for the private sector. The most common tasks performed include:

The computer forensics private investigator job requires a background in science. Many private investigation jobs require advanced degrees. For those who don’t have bachelor’s degrees, however, the options are vast. You could earn your Associates degree in Electrical Engineering or Communications. You could also take courses related to the computer forensics investigations. There are many technical schools across the country that offer courses in this field.

Those interested in working for the government will need a high school diploma or its equivalent. To get a position as a computer investigator, you will need to pass a background check. The Department of Homeland Security requires a thorough background check.

Employment opportunities for a private investigator are varied. You could work for a law firm, law enforcement agency, or corporate office. There are also several Internet based businesses that hire investigators. To qualify for employment with these companies, an extensive background check is usually required.

If you decide to work for a private investigator, there are many types of investigations available to choose from. You can specialize in either Computer Forensics, Cyber Crime, Digital Forensics, HR Management, Fraud Investigations and Forensics. Whatever type of investigation you want to work on, it will require some sort of degree or certification. With degrees in digital forensics, computer forensics, fraud investigations and digital communication, you will be prepared to handle any number of online investigations. In addition to online positions, you may find employment at a local law firm or government agency.

You can work either part-time or full-time. Part-time investigations usually involve tracing e-mail addresses and other data that are pertinent to the investigations. Full-time investigations usually involve conducting computer forensics, providing witness testimony, providing investigative support and providing testimony in court proceedings. To perform investigations, you will need a computer with an integrated camera and recorder, reliable phone line and Internet connection, good writing skills and knowledge of software. These skills will be needed for performing Internet and eavesdropping detection.

A variety of investigation services are provided by the Jacksonville Computer Forensics and Cyber Crime Team. For instance, they provide “cyber crime scene” investigations, “cyber intelligence analysis” and “cyber surveillance investigations”. The investigative services they offer include computer forensics, computer crimes, e-discovery, fraud investigations, e-forensics, VoIP investigation, forensic technology and Ethical Computer Investigation. If you have experience in forensics or other related fields, contact the Jacksonville Computer Forensics and Cyber Crime Team to discuss what type of position you would like to pursue. Our experienced investigators are available to talk with you about the positions, the training and the benefits of working with us.