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Jacksonville Private Investigators

Five Places To Hire Jacksonville Private Investigators

Jacksonville Private Investigators is professionals who investigate criminal activity on behalf of individuals and businesses. The main advantage is that there are no fees to be paid to a private investigator and you do not need to go to court. In this age of transparency in the legal system, it is important to know that your legal rights are protected by a professional investigation done by a trustworthy and competent investigator. A Jacksonville investigator will use his or her experience, skill and knowledge to gather sufficient evidence and documents to present to the prosecutor for a successful case. Whether you need to gather evidence to prove your innocence or seek retribution on an individual, a skilled investigator can help you achieve these goals and more.

Jacksonville Private Investigators (PIs) are licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFRS). PIs work for businesses, corporations, and individuals. The most common types of business activities for which private investigations are carried out include: contract enforcement, dispute resolution, corporate security, creditor collections, fraud prevention, insurance claims processing, intellectual property protection, litigation financing, litigation support and internal controls. Private investigation services in the area of insurance, where several types of policies (car, homeowners, life) are enforced, also require investigators. In Jacksonville, PIs can be employed by law firms, financial institutions, corporations, brokers and other financial entities.

Private investigators have evolved as one of the primary sources for pre-employment background checks and pre-employment screening in the U.S. Today, more employers than ever are conducting background checks to ensure the hire of qualified individuals. According to a recent survey by the American Society of Personal Investigators, almost three-quarters of all American corporations conduct at least some type of pre-employment background screening. Jacksonville Private Investigators (JPIs) provide top quality and reliable investigations to corporations and the public to aid in this important area of hiring. Jacksonville, FL based JPI are often preferred over other private investigators because of their ability to conduct thorough investigations and due diligence that is necessary in order to verify a potential employee’s history or suitability for a position.

In the area of civil law, private investigators specialize in uncovering and providing information that can help either parties resolve their legal issues. Many times, criminal record searches will uncover information about persons’ past activities, which can prevent potential employers from hiring persons with past criminal records. Through their investigations, private investigators can uncover instances when persons were involved in crimes, but were able to avoid detection due to the protective measures that the person put in place. Such actions can also be used to defend the assets of businesses and individuals.

Private detective agencies in Florida are very prevalent and can be located through a simple online search. Some of the top agencies in the field can be found below. Fidelty Investigations: Provides investigative services to government and corporate clients. They have highly trained agents who are experts in the various fields of criminal justice. Their contact numbers are located on the homepage of the company.

Global Detective Agency: GDI is a world-wide leader in providing professional investigative services. Their website contains a large list of locations where they provide investigative services around the world. GDI has branches in Canada and New York. Their headquarters is located at Suite 1010, West Palm Beach, Florida. GDI agents are trained and experienced in a variety of fields including computer forensics, corporate, intellectual property, missing persons, public records search and debt collection. They also have agents in the UK and Japan.

Edgers Detective Agency: Known widely throughout the United States as the top fraud resolution and investigation agency, Edgers was founded in 1987. A pioneer in fraud resolution, they have handled a large number of fraud cases, including the largest fraud case in United States history. This company specializes in detecting and preventing fraud. Detectives in this detective agency have many areas of expertise that will allow them to solve fraud cases ranging from insurance claims, to insurance frauds and investment frauds. Their current cases involve the theft of government funds, identity theft, investment frauds and fraudulent financial transactions. They also serve clients in other areas such as real estate and intellectual property theft.

Investigations and Private Detectives providing investigative services are very helpful to families who need help finding loved ones that are missing. With today’s advanced technology, detectives are able to discover important information quickly. For example, by utilizing cell phone forensic examinations, known as mobile phone forensics, private investigators have been able to recover critical deleted text messages and telephone records. Another way that cell phone forensics can be beneficial is for investigating the reasons behind marital infidelity investigations. Because some spouses are skilled at hiding their activities, it has become necessary for spouses to be more transparent about their personal activities. In some cases, missing persons can be found through the use of cell phone forensics.