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How can a Defense Investigator help me? The answer is simple, he can interpret the way you describe your case and help determine how it should be resolved. This can be a very difficult process. You are facing criminal charges; understanding how those charges will affect your life and your freedom is vitally important.

how can a defense investigator help me

A Defense Investigator will have many methods of obtaining additional information to better understand the case against you. He may review photographs, video, or any other type of police report or investigation that the police may have. This can narrow down your case and narrow down the time frame in which your attorney must present your case. This will reduce your risk and may result in the reduced charges you were faced with.

Your investigators will obtain any and all information that is favorable to you as a defendant. This includes any and all statements that a witness to your crime makes. Your investigator will also review any physical evidence that may exist to prove or disprove your innocence. The more favorable information you provide the better your chances of prevailing.

The most common method that is used by many attorneys is called a ‘hot line’. This is a telephone line set up for immediate contact between the Defense Attorney and the client. If the situation merits a meeting the client is generally asked to give an initial statement that can be used as a strong defense to mitigate the worst case scenario. It is not uncommon for there to be follow up calls made after this initial phone call. This further enables the investigator to obtain additional information and build your case.

Another great source of information available to your investigators is the internet. The World Wide Web is an invaluable tool to both defendants and attorneys. In today’s day and age you have access to the same information that attorneys have been using for years. Many of the world’s top professional investigators spend hours browsing the internet looking for new and different methods to obtain the evidence needed to put you away. There is a lot of potential information at your fingertips, if you take the time to explore it.

Often times an investigator is hired to look into a case simply to see if anything solid is available to use at trial. While this is often good evidence for the Prosecution, it may not be enough to sway the jurors or judges. Most attorneys try to avoid this situation by finding a way to prove their client innocent beyond a reasonable doubt. Unfortunately, proving innocence is often an on-going process that often takes a long time and requires the assistance of a very skilled investigator.

An expert investigator will utilize all resources at his or her disposal in order to uncover every piece of information that will be required in your defense. The more cooperation that is shown by the Prosecution the better your case will run. Often times an investigator will use surveillance tactics such as video surveillance, secret cameras, cell phones, and computers in order to obtain evidence without the Prosecution knowing about it. This type of proof is essential to winning cases and protecting your rights.

When dealing with a case such as this it is vital that you trust your instincts and hire the right attorney for your case. The best decision that any client can make is to find an investigator that is trustworthy, experienced, and follows the law. Often times there are deals made between the Prosecution and the Defense so the client is able to receive the best possible defense without having to pay for extra services that weren’t originally requested. By hiring the right investigator you can often have the evidence necessary to get your justice that you deserve.