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Jacksonville Private Investigators

What Types of Investigations Does a Private Investigator Provide?

Jacksonville Private Investigators (JPI) provide discreet, personal investigation, legal or commercial services. They are highly-skilled professional investigators specialized in uncovering hidden information from sources that are often beyond the reach of conventional police or law enforcement personnel. Our investigators possess a unique combination of communication and computer skills to easily and quickly analyze any kind of information that may be related to any area of business or personal life. We can reveal hidden facts about: credit card frauds, asset tracing, insurance frauds, bankruptcies, tax frauds, missing persons, sex offender records, misdemeanors, felonies, marriages, divorces, and numerous other areas. Our experienced investigators can help you in several areas of investigation.

o Spouse Investigation Agency – A Jackson County, Florida real estate broker uses Jacksonville private detectives to conduct an in-depth search of a possible new partner for a long-term committed relationship. In the course of the in-depth search, the brokers discover proof that the candidate had a previous relationship with the subject of the current investigation, which proves the credibility of the current partner. The use of the services of a committed investigator for this type of investigation is highly recommended. We can save time and money by employing a committed investigator who will focus on your specific needs.

o Background Screening/Recording – Today, it is common for employers to want to conduct pre-employment background screening and/or record a prospective employee’s criminal history prior to offering a job. If you suspect your prospective employee may have a history of workplace violence, sexual assault, theft, etc., a thorough background check can reveal if there are recorded statements regarding these offenses. We can obtain copies of any recordings from the employers: financial statements, employment verification, driving records, etc. Using a Jacksonville private investigators, we can uncover infidelities hidden in plain sight.

o Child Care Fraud – Today, we often hear of tragic stories surrounding child care fraud. An infant died at a home care agency, while his biological mother was supposedly watching him. An unemployed father starved his mentally disabled and addicted son for over three months until the boy finally died. Jacksonville investigators may be able to uncover proof of abuse or neglect by a caregiver that is not being reported.

o Vehicle Accidents/ vehicular homicide – This is perhaps one of the more frequent types of injury law cases handled by Jacksonville private investigators. One night last May, two men were seriously injured when they attempted to cross lanes in a neighborhood and crashed into another car. The driver of the other vehicle was subsequently hit and pronounced dead at the scene. This case demonstrates the importance of a trained and experienced investigator when investigating Florida traffic accidents.

o Background Check Violation – It is a sad reality that sometimes an innocent person is accused of crimes when in actuality there was not sufficient evidence to prove guilt. In these cases it is important to have an investigator on the case to determine if there are grounds for a case against an individual. As a general rule, we advise against placing a whole life insurance claim on someone who has no history of fraud. It is also extremely important that we hire a qualified and experienced investigator when screening employees to prevent hiring individuals with a track record of fraudulent activity. The investigation skills of a qualified and experienced Jacksonville private investigators are second to none.

o Employment Background Checks – Today it is common for companies and organizations to perform a pre-employment background check. For example, many companies conduct employment criminal background investigations to ensure they are hiring an asset that is honest, hard working and capable of doing their job. In instances where employment fraud is suspected an investigator with years of experience in this area will be able to help you obtain all of the evidence necessary to present an appropriate defense. The investigative process is both complex and extensive and requires the services of a knowledgeable and experienced private investigation agency.

o Employment Law Violation – Today there are many employment issues that involve employees of a company that is suspected of taking sick days or not providing the proper documentation to maintain the position. This can result in an investigation by an employment investigator. We highly recommend the services of an investigator who is licensed with the Florida Department of Financial Services. A reputable Florida investigator will have years of experience dealing with employers who have claims against them, as well as detectives who have experience in interviewing witnesses and providing all of the necessary paperwork and documentation to ensure your rights are protected.