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Jacksonville Cell Phone Forensics

Track Those Deleted Text Messages

If you suspect your spouse of any involvement in an affair, it is important for you and your wife or girlfriend to consult with Jacksonville cell phone forensic investigators immediately. You must be prepared for the possibility that he or she has been deceiving you all along. A cheating husband or wife can often set in motion lies and deceptions just to cover up the fact that they are having an affair. As a loving wife or husband, you would want to know the truth. Under such circumstances, trusting the person who will conduct the investigation will not be wise at all.

It is very important for you to seek the services of competent professionals with exceptional skills and expertise. They will help you learn whether your suspicions are justified or not. Only computer forensic experts with vast experience in extracting data from cell phones can provide you with the desired information. The professionals can access all kinds of information including voice and text messages, internet history, email accounts, address books, photos, videos, caller ID and other data. If your suspicions are true, the digital forensic experts can prove your husband or wife’s guilt in no time.

What do the computer forensic experts use to conduct investigations? They use both land-line and mobile cellebrite. The computer professionals have high-end equipment that enables them to determine deleted, hidden and call histories. They also look for deleted text messages, email addresses, contacts, call records, web browsing histories, text messages, video clips, photographs, videos and other data. Cell phone forensic experts use cellebrite, a patented method that reveals deleted text messages and phone status reports. Aside from recovering deleted data, the professionals can also find out whether the celebrity had been modified to reset to default settings, or if the phone had been modified after it was purchased.

Social Media (SMM) cyber breach investigations follow similar procedures as other computer forensics investigations. For SMM cyber investigations, the investigators use data such as deleted text messages, phone numbers, phone history and location maps. These investigators can also perform IP traceable searches, cellular tower location, Wi-Fi access trace, VOIP trace, and any other information that might be relevant to their case.

What is the cost of a cell search? Usually, a private investigator will charge a minimal $ 250 for a basic search. If you need more detailed results or a cellular component, the costs will increase accordingly. If the private investigator has other mobile phones or computer devices in his possession, the costs will increase. Since different people have different needs and privacy concerns, prices may vary depending on the specific needs of the individual being investigated.

If you are investigating someone else’s mobile phone use, you should know that deleted text messages and phone history can still be retrieved. However, you will require advanced software programs and devices to pull it all together. Some of these programs can even extract text messages and email attachments. The best software will allow you to perform a complete reverse mobile phone search including background checks, address history, and more.

Before you can do this though, you will need to have the number of the person you are investigating recorded. Once you have the information, you can download the program to your computer and connect to the internet. From there, you can perform an unlimited number of searches. This is because a celebrity has built-in servers that can manage large databases. However, if you just want to track one number, you can purchase one of many lists available online.

After you have performed a trace using one of these services, you may receive a detailed report that includes everything from detailed phone records to location and IP information. If you find that there is more than one deleted text message and you were unable to find it using other data sources, you can use one of the many mobile phone directories to track down your target. With a simple click of your mouse, you can put an end to those texts and unknown numbers that are the bane of your daily life.