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Jacksonville Private Investigators

The Role of Jacksonville Private Investigators

“A1 Investigations is a leading private investigator agency in Jacksonville, Florida that offers investigative services across the State of Florida.” Our Florida Private Investigators is all licensed, bonded, insured and highly skilled Florida private detectives. We specialize in child custody investigations, infidelity investigations, surveillance, personal security checks, criminal records, bodyguard services, and more!

We employ the most cutting-edge surveillance technology and experts to help our clients solve their cases. Surveillance and video surveillance is one of the most important tools we use to uncover hidden children, preying husbands or wives, spousal abuse, kidnapping husbands from their wives, or preying partners. Our Jacksonville private investigators will use digital video equipment and video cameras to document any activity and to take pictures of the subjects.

A background check is one of the most commonly requested services by our clients. As the number of domestic violence convictions have risen over the years, we have noticed an increase in Jacksonville private investigators who refuse to perform a background check. We have several private investigators on file in Jacksonville who refuse to perform a background check and are actually on a first name basis only. These individuals do not know the subjects well enough to find out if the subjects have been convicted of crimes such as domestic violence, sexual battery, rape, murder, etc.

Private investigators in Jacksonville serve all of the State of Florida and all of the 50 counties in Florida. Jacksonville private investigation services include investigations into child abuse in homes and daycare centers, premarital and marital sex education, death of a loved one, employee theft, fraud, missing persons, pre-employment background checks, driving under the influence, etc. There are many reasons why people seek investigation services from Jacksonville private investigators. The main reason for using a private investigator is because they do not have the biases and/or personal opinions that a police officer has when conducting a surveillance investigation. This allows the investigator to get information quickly, that would otherwise be very hard to obtain.

For example, a Jacksonville private investigator may be hired to conduct an inspection of a new condo development. The new owner(s) advertise the condos with a very low asking price. The job description of the “new” management company includes performing quality inspections. The company also advertises that they will be conducting an “in Depth” inspection of each unit at the completion of the project. Based on the advertisements and the job description, an investor who is investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into a new development may reasonably assume that all units will be inspected. Unfortunately, based on the company brochure and on the sales agreement, the new management company will only inspect the top 10% of units.

The problem is that these buyers were not informed that there was an additional inspection requirement in the agreement. It would have been obvious from the brochure and the job description. Based on the information that was available, this would have saved the buyer a lot of time and money. Jacksonville private investigators, in my opinion, play a very important role in this electronic age and the criminal justice system. The information that is obtained through the computer forensics investigations that these investigators perform can lead to a number of different legal actions.

Let’s take the example of a married couple that has a young child. If we had access to their cell phones, we would be able to discover evidence of infidelity by either husband or wife. This same information would allow us to locate their whereabouts at any time. We could then utilize the information in the child support litigation that we may have pending with the Florida Department of Financial Services. These are just a few of the things that Jacksonville private investigators would be able to do for their clients, but you get the idea.

Now, it is easy for you to think that this all sounds way too much like the movie “Get Shorty” where a small team of private detectives robs a bank without getting caught. That is far from the truth. As a former FBI agent, I was involved in conducting investigative services for many of our country’s largest law enforcement agencies. In fact, many of them conduct regular computer forensics examinations.