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“A1alysis Investigators is a private investigator agency in Jacksonville, Florida that offers investigative services across the entire State of Florida.” Our Florida private detectives are all formally bonded, licensed, and insure Florida private detectives. We specialize in child custody, infidelity searches, vehicle searches, missing persons searches, and more! We have helped many families find their long-lost children, or friends whom they have not heard from in years.

Jacksonville Private Investigators

In fact, our investigators have helped uncover the truth in some very controversial situations. We have helped individuals fight liens, civil suits, tax liens, and more. Here are some of the exciting cases that we have worked on:

We represented the plaintiff in a case that he had against his former employer. The employer had previously concealed important employment information from the plaintiff’s prospective employer. As a result of this, the prospective employer illegally discriminated against him when making a decision regarding the promotion. After going to court, we won the case, and the employer was forced to pay us damages. As one of our Jacksonville private investigators stated “The truth is sometimes not what you expect, especially when it comes to employment law.”

Another of our Jacksonville private investigators’ favorite cases is helping clients who need to find the assets that have been put into tax liens. These lien investigations can take a long time to complete, but our professional private investigations experts can expedite these processes by finding leads faster. In one case, we located over ten million dollars in tax liens that were owed to the government! This is one of our many customers’ favorite things about using us to assist with tax lien searches.

Surveillance is another specialty that we specialize in. If you are looking for someone who is involved in criminal activity or suspicious activities around your neighborhood, you can trust that you will be able to obtain surveillance tapes and video of these activities. In many situations, the best way to catch a suspect in the act is to observe him/her without harm. This is why our Jacksonville private investigators can offer surveillance services such as “dirt” surveillance, live surveillance and digital video monitoring. Surveillance does not only catch criminals in the act, but it can also prevent crimes from occurring.

Our Jacksonville investigators can conduct background investigations on individuals, as well as obtain background reports on anyone who applies to work with us. When conducting a background check, we will utilize multiple sources to conduct the investigation. Such sources include local police department records, the Florida Department of Health’s Division of Family Services’ database, the Department of Corrections records and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). All of these sources play important roles in providing you with the most comprehensive picture of the subject’s past.

Surveillance and proof collection is just one aspect of what we do at our disposal. In addition, our experienced, professional private investigators can assist you in the preparation of any legal documents you may need. This includes drafting contracts, producing letters, legal filings, power of attorney documents and more. We can also provide expert testimony in any court proceedings, especially cases involving crime. Whether you are involved in a real estate transaction, a business dispute or any other legal matter, we can help you find the truth and present your case in the best light.

Whether you have an individual feeling as if they are the victim of fraud or a large-scale crime, or you have reason to believe that someone may be impersonating a person to obtain property or money, our experienced, professional private investigators can help you find the truth. Our investigation services include a wide range of specialties including vehicle thefts, frauds, missing persons, civil cases, business disputes and public record searches. Our investigative team is dedicated to following up on leads and developing solid surveillance and proof collection strategies. As your rights and reputation are under attack, our dedicated investigators will seek to defend your interests with every available resource.