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Jacksonville Private Investigators

Jacksonville Private Investigators

“A1 Investigators is a private investigator agency located in Jacksonville, Florida which provides investigative services across the entire State of Florida.” Our Florida Private Investigators is all licensed, bonded, and insured. We specialize in child custody petitions, infidelity searches, and many more! We have been in business since 1998 and have never had a bad customer claim. This is our company’s goal to keep our clients happy and our customers satisfied, always.

Let us help you find information about Jacksonville private investigators and the services they offer. We will do a complete background investigation on you. You may be an employer or a potential employer. We can help you with pre-employment criminal investigations. If you’re a parent, we can help you with background investigations on your child’s nanny or babysitter.

Surveillance investigators are private, armed, licensed, and professional Jacksonville private investigators who are committed to following up on leads generated by their clients. Surveillance investigators follow up on suspicious activities or suspicious individuals. They often work alone, but may sometimes work as part of a team, working in teams with other Jacksonville surveillance investigators or at other specified sites. Surveillance investigators use various surveillance techniques to collect and document information from a suspect.

Our investigators can also help uncover evidence of infidelity. Surveillance investigators collect significant evidence through lie detector tests and video surveillance. Lie detector tests help uncover the truth by showing a person’s propensity to fabricate stories and hide the truth from surveillance. Video surveillance helps reveal what really took place at a site, where a suspect is present, or where a crime was committed. Both of these types of investigations are extremely important to the successful prosecution of a criminal case.

We have many specialties that allow us to help uncover mysteries. Let us help uncover crimes in the workplace such as kickback from employees, theft of company funds or equipment, and embezzlement. Let us help uncover proof of infidelity in a marriage, or let us help a loved one of a loved one who is being abused by family members. Let us bring closure to those who have lost loved ones to domestic violence, sexual assault, or rape.

Our investigators specialize in the area of law enforcement, but our database contains over 400 years of active cases, including sex crimes. Our staff has been professionally trained in our crime scene analysis, handwriting analysis, DNA testing, firearms violations, and any other area that require specialized investigation. Each member of our team is also fully bonded and certified with the local police force, which allows us to conduct these types of investigations at any time. In addition, our staff has extensive experience in the state of Florida, working with local law enforcement and prosecutors in both the state of Florida and Washington D.C.

If you would like to hire a Jacksonville Private Investigator for either of our surveillance services, we will put together a complete investigative package that includes the following: Surveillance/Recording Equipment, DNA Collection and Evidence Collection, interviewing witnesses, surveillance of the suspect, surveillance of the premises, gathering of evidence, and report writing. Each of these services comes with the option of additional surveillance if needed, and our experienced investigators will coordinate the entire process. We will then provide you with a report that details everything that was done and all findings. This information can be used for any number of purposes including an on-going criminal defense attorney, to be presented in court if ever involved in a legal case, or just to protect your safety and the safety of your family.

Private investigators in Jacksonville are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to meet your needs. With a large pool of potential investigators in the area, we have a staff of highly skilled professionals who are willing to meet your needs. Jacksonville is home to many topnotch private investigators and our commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched. In fact, we pride ourselves on having customer satisfaction as our highest goal. Contact us today to learn more about surveillance, digital technology and investigating cyber crimes.