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Surveillance Investigators

Learn About the Surveillance Investigator Job Title

Surveillance Investigators is professional investigators that obtain and organize data that is relevant to an investigation. They then turn that information into information that can help in the successful completion of a criminal case. Surveillance Investigators works in various agencies across the United States. Specific responsibilities and duties may vary, but there are many core tasks involved in the job, which include:

When assigned to a case, surveillance investigators usually consult with their client to explain the case of goals and specific investigation needs. They then collect information that is pertinent to their investigation and begin to analyze the evidence to find weaknesses and strengths in the evidence that they have collected. They then present this information to the prosecutor in the hopes of getting a successful outcome for the criminal case.

Many private investigators work on paid research projects. Often, they use paid investigators who specialize in solving certain types of cases. Surveillance Investigators may also be asked to conduct surveillance in a low-pay setting. This would be used when there is a legal requirement to video monitor or tape a person in the act of committing a crime. In this case, they would most likely use an employee of the law firm to do the surveillance.

Surveillance investigations are done on a daily basis throughout the country. Many people are not aware that this is the case. Since the technology for surveillance investigations is readily available to most citizens, people assume that the definition of “surveillance” only pertains to being recorded without their consent. While some states have laws that allow covert video surveillance by warrant, many people believe that this is an invasion of privacy. While many surveillance investigations are videotaped without the subjects knowledge or consent, a few will record audio for proof of guilt.

Surveillance investigators help law enforcement officials with all types of investigations. They are often called upon to review surveillance tapes that were recovered from a crime scene. Their reports are used in court cases and can even be used as evidence in court if the suspect in the case agrees to it. In order to be hired by a law enforcement agency, private investigation investigators must undergo a rigorous screening process. Usually, they are required to undergo a background check, drug test, CPR certification and a polygraph test.

Private investigators that work for a law firm will often serve as a part-time surveillance investigators. This is great for those who only need one or two investigations done on a client a month. However, if you need several such investigations a year, you will want to find a private investigator to hire to perform the research for you.

Private investigators are used to working independently. Because of this, they are rarely allowed to discuss their findings with other law enforcement officials unless they are involved in an ongoing investigation. If at all, surveillance investigators must get permission first from the source of the investigation. This means that some surveillance results may never be known to the public. When a surveillance investigator gathers information from a suspect and then tests it for admissible evidence in court, he or she must inform the surveillance agency.

There are a number of different surveillance investigator job titles available. However, the most common position is that of a surveillance investigator. These individuals are responsible for gathering evidence that can be used in court. Their reports are very detailed and may even include pictures or video of the subjects they investigate. With all of the technology in place today, conducting surveillance techniques has become much easier. Now that more people have access to the internet, people are using social networking sites to share intimate details of their lives.