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Jacksonville Private Investigators

Private Investigators in Jacksonville Florida

“A1A Private Investigators is a leading private detective agency in Jacksonville, Florida which offers investigative services all throughout the State of Florida. Our Florida private detectives are all properly certified, bonded, and covered by Florida Private Investigators Association, an organization formed by the National Association of Securities Investigators (NASI). We specialize in child custody, infidelity investigations, background checks, employee locates, vehicle searches, credit card fraud investigations, and more! We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality professional investigative service available. Our investigators work diligently to provide results and resolve our clients’ complex cases.

Surveillance: “We have an established surveillance policy in place, which allows us to intercept calls that appear to consist of criminal activity, to monitor the activity of individuals using caller ID, and to intercept any suspicious numbers that call return phones to ensure there is a legitimate phone number behind the call. ” Surveillance is one of the main reasons why so many people hire a Jacksonville private investigators to resolve their issues. Our surveillance policy allows us to monitor and/or intercept any communication that seems out of place or out of date for one of our clients. If this surveillance is used, we are confident in our ability to provide you with an accurate, unbiased, and professional investigative report.”

Surveillance is only one of the services that have made private investigators in Jacksonville famous and profitable. Their other investigative services include Computer Forensics, Identity Theft Protection, Corporate Surveillance, and Mobile Forensics. Computer Forensics is one of the key services that have made private investigators in Jacksonville famous and profitable. This service enables a private investigator to track down stolen computer data from a variety of sources including; computers, cell phones, PDAs, smart phones, etc. Computer forensic examinations can be used to determine if a computer has been hacked into and the illegal activity was done using a specific username and password.

Identity theft protection is another service that is offered by a number of Jacksonville private investigators. Jacksonville private investigators offer state of the art surveillance equipment and highly developed software programs to perform these types of investigations. Asset searches are a service that some Jacksonville private investigators offer. These searches are performed on people who have been known to be in positions that leave them vulnerable such as; police officers, CEOs, members of the clergy, etc.

Corporate surveillance is another service that is offered by some of the better performing private investigation companies. The main purpose of corporate background checks is to discover information regarding the legal background of an individual or corporation. The best performing investigation companies will perform both financial background checks as well as criminal background checks. A thorough search will allow the investigator to obtain personal financial information such as; date of birth, place of birth, Social Security number, employment history, and many other details.

Computer Forensics is another service that is offered by some of the best performing private investigation companies in the area of Jacksonville. Computer forensic examinations are conducted on computers and other digital devices to recover files and other information that may have been lost or may have been altered. This includes computer systems that may have been stolen from a place of business or from a home. Digital devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, PDAs, thumb drives, etc. can all be examined to find emails, internet history, web pages, videos, etc.

Employment background checks are another service that is available from a private investigator in Jacksonville. These investigations usually take place when a potential employee is hired or when an employer does a pre-employment background check. Computer forensic exams are one of the most comprehensive and helpful examinations that can be done.

It is also possible to become involved in the Jacksonville Private Investigators industry as a consumer. There are many companies online where one can become a private investigator and make use of various investigation techniques and methods. Consumers can choose to become involved in this growing industry by purchasing training manuals and conducting a short search online. There is no reason why a person should not start their own business in the state of florida if they are interested in helping people solve their problems. Researching the industry in the state of florida will present consumers with several opportunities for finding employment with this type of company.